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Vision Statement ​​​
Our vision is for children of all ages and disabilities to become physically, mentally, and socially improved and positively challenged through learning experiences, challenges and relationships in a safe and accepting environment. ​
The purpose of Unique Individual is to help children with disabilities and special needs to have a positive social, emotional, and psychological experience through embracing their disabilities. Unique Individual's mission is to accommodate  children with different abilities and functions using techniques that are hands on.


Our Goal


To provide an enriching, recreational, stimulating, hands-on, camping experience.

We are committed to helping kids with disabilities develop their confidence and self-esteem by allowing them out to explore everyday activities while going on exciting field trips.

We will provide a fun-filled variety of activities that are educational and recreational. Children are encouraged to express their unique or special quailities. Your child will have a well balanced day which includes indoor and outdoor games, arts & crafts and a reading time to bridge to gap of summer learning lost.